How to Use This Site

How to Use MSU DH Q&A

Leadr Q&A makes it easy to get your digital humanities questions answered by the community of tech savvy people here at Michigan State. All it takes are these simple steps:

1- Click the 'Ask a Question' icon in the header

2- If the question you are asking is for a class that you are taking here at MSU, then choose the class you are in. If it is just a general question, choose "no class"

3- Type your question into the space provided.

4- In the topics bar you should put words that relate to your question. For example, if your question is, "what are some resources that could help me learn HTML code?" you should type the words "HTML", "coding", and "resources" into the topics bar so that other users can easily find and answer your question.

5- Hit enter!

If you would like to answer a question you can click on the 'Unanswered Questions' icon in the header OR click on one of the questions with a red box next to them on the homepage.

Points System

You get points based on your activity on the site. You automatically get 100 points when you make an account. After that the points system works as follows:

20 points for asking a question

When you select the best answer to your question you get 30 points

Every time someone upvotes your question, you get 10 points, up to 100 points

Every time someone downvotes your question, you lose 10 points, up to -30 points

Every time you post an answer, you get 40 points

If your answer is selected as the best answer, you get 300 points

If someone upvotes your answer, you get 20 points, up to 200 points

If someone downvotes your answer, you lose 20 points, up to -50 points

Every time you upvote OR downvote a question, you get 10 points

Every time you upvote OR downvote an answer, you get 10 points

Welcome to the Michigan State University Digital Humanities ask page, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the MSU DH community.